An easy-to-use device for on-site quality control of farm produce that allows fast detection and identification of multiple pathogens in a single analysis. The use of FoodSafe™ makes pathogen detection faster, easier and more cost-effective than ever before, allowing farms to increase the number of animals sampled, thus minimizing the incidence of pathogenic bacteria in the final product that can cause foodborne illnesses in the consumer.

The Process


Sampling from any source: meat, fruits, water, surfaces.


Customized kits with specific probes for a broad range of pathogens.


Easy to use devices with a cloud-computing platform.


Rapid detection of multiple pathogens.

FoodSafe™ will enable early containment of infected animals, therefore reducing losses associated with pathogenic outbreaks. Moreover, reducing the number of infected animals ensures higher standards of animal welfare within the farm and improves customer perception.

FoodSafe™ is a technology platform with a wide-range of potential applications.


Results of multiple pathogens in less than 1 hour.

More convenient

Multiple pathogens can be processed using a single sample.

More sensitive

Pathogens can be detected with a single copy of bacterial DNA present in the sample.


User-friendly interface that does not require highly trained personnel for operation.
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